Smart Alarm System for Automobiles

Posted July 22nd, 2009 by Hashim
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I-SMART, a product supplied as OEM to SK Networks, has drawn a big attention as a product with the best performance but least errors out of smart alarm systems that had been introduced so far in the fields of after-markets earlier before its launching while passing through all the domestic accreditation on proximity sensor module for the first time in the nation.

Smart Key System for Automobiles indicates a system with a function to let an automobile open the doors by themselves or automatically lock the doors as approaching the vehicle or a function for security to block starting-up in a time without a remote controller, and is mainly applied to imported cars of high class or newly launched vehicles.

Also, I-SMART has its characteristic of having solved a risk of vehicle burglary by ‘wireless hacking with using remote controller for automobiles’, which has been issued overseas recently, not to be hacked by applying algorithms and establishing even stronger security system than existing products through the encoding algorithm which was developed on our own; and has received good responses from clients by loading the functions of automatic opening doors and starting-up.

Executive Sehoon Oh of Smart-On Communication mentioned, “Heated responses from clients about I-SMART are perceived that providing clients with maximum price merits by the highest class of functions and composition while holding the price as much as the existing products of start-up alarm for automobiles has greatly appealed those clients who are interested in smart keys”, and continued, “Starting from the successful launching of I-SMART this time, we are planning to expand further the market through Slim Smart Key, Smart Button Start, and specialized devices related to automobiles that will be introduced later and outstretch aggressive marketing in order for much more clients to try to experience those products with the best functions! applied the only unrivaled technology of Smart-On Communication.”

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