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Hummin 3.03 HTPC

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Hummin HTPC

Hummin 3.03′s is one hot new HTPC in the market launched recently at BERLIN, Germany. Most unique characteristic is in the Finger VU 1016W wireless monitor. FingerView 1016W monitor ables users to control PC with wireless mouse as if one were really using the keyboard and mouse in one’s own living room, through Wireless USB technology based on Ultra Wide Band technology. The new wireless monitor and its functions are appealing in that it solved the 2 problems of the prior HTPC. The first problem was that you had to turn on the TV to choose music when using a media player PC, Dybex progaram, etc, and the second problem was that you had to use a keyboard and mouse to perfectly monitor the PC in the living room.

Soundgraph has been providing remote controls for controlling the PC used in the living room, but you still had to use the keyboard and mouse for web searching or downloading media files, etc.

7-Port USB 2.0 Powered Hub

Friday, February 5th, 2010


NewerTech Seven Port USB 2.0 Powered Hub for connecting and powering up to seven USB devices simultaneously to a Mac® or PC with Plug and Play ease. As a complete connectivity solution with a UL listed 3.5 Amp power supply, the NewerTech Seven Port USB 2.0 Powered Hub delivers the required 500mA of power to each of the seven industry standard USB ports to eliminate device disconnection commonly experienced by typical underpowered hubs. Ideal for powering multiple desktop accessories like external drives, scanners, printers, optical drives, and digital cameras, the NewerTech Seven Port USB 2.0 Powered Hub also offers quick access convenience of temporary devices like thumb drives, media readers, and even USB chargeable devices like iPods and iPhones.

The NewerTech Seven Port USB 2.0 Powered Hub is available for $27.95 MSRP

Powerful Mini-ITX Motherboard

Friday, January 1st, 2010


J&W’s Minix 890GX-USB3.0 Mini-ITX motherboard is a perfect recipe for HTPCs, Car PCs, BYO routers, servers, and NAS devices. Powered by AMD’s latest and fastest 890GX IGP chipset, the ATI Radeon™ HD 4290 graphics allows the MINIX™ 890GX-USB3 motherboard to fully support Microsoft® DirectX® 10.1, UVD2, Full HD 1080p playback, dual-stream PiP on Blu-Ray™, and multi video outputs. The graphics performance is further enhanced by the onboard 128MB high-speed DDR3 sideport memory. Based on socket AM3, MINIX™ 890GX-USB3 supports the AMD® Phenom™ II series, Athlon™ II series and Sempron™-100 series processors. More excitingly, the motherboard support the exclusive, Windows® based Core-unlocking utility – the Just Unlock Core (JUC) Technology which is capable to unlock the “hidden core” of the processors, a free and user-friendly “CPU upgrade” tool for users. With the latest AMD® SB850 southbridge, MINIX™ 890GX-USB3 is ready to support the latest SATA 6Gbps hard drives, and is the world’s first mini-ITX motherboard supporting this feature, thus users can setup their 6Gbps RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 arrays on a mini-ITX system.

MINIX™ 890GX-USB3 supports the latest Super Speed USB 3.0 connection powered by the onboard NEC uPD720200 host controller. The transfer rate could be up to 5Gbps, which is almost 10 times faster over the USB 2.0. MINIX™ 890GX-USB3 also comes with 2 x Broadcom PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet which allows users to connect the PC to another PC through LAN, to form home-router, NAS, and other applications are made possible on this small form factor motherboard. The PCI-Express x16 Gen.2 slot provides an upgrade option for users to plug-in an extra graphics card, RAID card or other PCI-Express devices whenever necessary. Retail price is expected to be about $199

3D navigation-connected smart phone npeon

Sunday, December 20th, 2009


Npeon connects to the navigation when SMS or a call arrives through the cell phone while driving, and shows the related informations on the navigation screen. It is most characterized by its trait to transfer specific messages in reply of calls/SMSes, such as ‘I’m driving right now, and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible’.

In addition, the navigation can easily be manipulated from the back as well, using the wireless mouse function that ables you to monitor using smart phone touches, and the wireless remote control function that ables you to play or cancel the program using smart phone.