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IC with embedded touch screen control functionality

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

touch display ic

Samsung Electronics showcased a single chip that integrates a capacitive touch screen control function in a mobile display driver IC (DDI). This single chip Touch Embedded DDI solution supports industry demand for simplified system designs, which will enable the use of slimmer form factors in mobile application designs. Initial targeted applications for the Touch Embedded DDI include mobile phones, portable multimedia players (PMP) and MP3 players.

Compared to resistive touch screen control technology, capacitive touch screen control technology allows more advanced features such as soft-touch and multi-touch functions and provides significant improvement in important performance parameters such as optical transmittance and durability.

High-performance Ultrasound System

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

ultra sound

MEDISON announced the launch of its new high-performance OB/GYN ultrasound system ‘ACCUVIX V20 Prestige’ in Korea market.

Adopting a 19-inch high-resolution flat screen monitor, the ACCUVIX V20 Prestige features industry’s first multi-rendering 3D/4D technology, 3D MXI(Multi-eXtended Imaging). Along with the cutting edge 3D MXI, it also comes with extended diagnostic tools including DMR+(DynamicMR+), Auto IMT and Panoramic imaging technology.

With sophisticated image processing technology and automated diagnostic tools, MEDISON customers can get a rich and full experience on outstanding imaging performance and enhanced functionality for OB/GYN and general imaging as well. Especially DMR+(DynamicMR+) is fully optimized for evaluating detailed obstetrical, pelvic and abdominal anatomy. Besides, it provides 360-degree articulated monitor arm, ergonomic key grouping and 19-inch flat LCD with haze eliminating filter, allowing users to diagnose in ideal environment at daily practice.

Business card size electronic dictionary

Friday, June 13th, 2008

pocket dictonary

iriver expects to launch its business card-sized compact electronic dictionary ‘D5′ in Japan market. Being a small device it can be easily carried in pocket without any problem. However I would like to add that many people cary laptop with them and do all the typing work on it, so there is no need of any dictionary.

Adopting a 3-inch LCD display, the D5 supports the content of 33 different kinks of dictionary. Coming in three different colors including black, white and pink, it provides 16 hours of continuous music/video playing time.

It is expected to be available on June 13th, and suggested price is 39,800 JPY for 2GB and 44,800 JPY for 4GB.

Gadget5 Contest Win Digital Photo Keychains

Friday, June 6th, 2008

Digital photo keychain

I am really excited to announce this contest in which you can win these wonderful Digital Photo Keychains. Before writing about this contest, let’s know about this keychain. First of all let me tell you it’s not one of those cheap Chinese products which you would not like to carry around. The key ring and digital photo frame is of good quality finish and durable enough to carry in your pocket everywhere. This Digital Photo Keychain can be connected with your laptop or PC using a USB data cable (included in package) and photos can be transferred to the keychain. You will notice that since it’s a keychain, the display will be small and so will be the storage capacity. Yes it is, display size is 1.5 inch and internal storage is 4.8 MB. This keychain comes with photo editing software which can be used to trim the images easily so that they fit the keychain screen and also get reduced in size so that you can add more photos! You can also use this keychain to check date and time, cool isn’t it?

Now the Contest:

I will keep the contest rules simple. Here are they:
1. Write a short blog post of about 150 words in your blog about Digital Photo Keychain. You can take help from this web page but do not copy content “as it is”.

2. Add this small image at the end of your post: and link it to:

3. When done, comment to this post giving the link of your blog post and email address to contact you if you win. Alternatively you can also send me your blog post link from here.

4. Last and optional step. Use keyword “Digital Photo Keychain” somewhere in your post (should look natural) and link it to: at least once but not more than three times. No “no follow” etc tags please. Please do remember that it’s completely up to you to link back and not at all necessary for winning this contest.

What you win and when

- Three lucky bloggers will Win a Brand New Digital Photo Keychain. Winners will be chosen randomly.
- Winners will be announced here at the end of the contest and they will be notified via email too.
- Contest ends on 9 July 2008

This beautiful Digital Photo Keychain could be yours! So don’t wait and participate now.

Winners !

So our lucky winners who will receive one digital photo keychain each are:

Ist – Concorsomania

IInd – wesley

IIIrd – Asif Ahmed

Congratulation Winners !!

You will be contacted shortly for address so that we can send you your prizes. Thanks

LED Lighting Products

Friday, January 11th, 2008


LED Rope lights are the best decoration lighting available today not only because they look great but also they are less expensive and consume less electricity than bulb lightings. LED rope lights you will for example pay only 10% of the energy cost of the traditional rope lights and in time the other 90% will become more than the price of the LED rope you purchased. One LED bulb consumes only .072 watts which is much less than any incandescent lights. Now let’s say you want to make a new Christmas decoration for a big commercial enterprise which will gather many people. These LED rope lights can be used to decorate any building, statues, trees and big halls for marriage ceremonies or other functions. LED lighting products have many different advantages over regular lighting. Many people love using LED lighting products because of the flexibility they provide. You can combine LED lights to create any shape or design that you want. You can also create fun special effects with the colorful lighting that LED offers. Whether you want chasing lights or other effects, LED makes it possible. These chasing lights effect look great when used on the edges of the wall at night. These effects can be enhanced by mixing more than one effect and colors of light. Using these mini lights looks great and you can use your creativity and decorate your house and surprise people who come to visit your house in Christmas. LEDs don’t produce UV radiation and they remain cool to the touch. This means that you can place LED rope lights in areas like porches, decks, and other wooden structures without worrying that the heat will cause fires or other damage. You can also use LED lights around sensitive antiques or other items as the light won’t damage the objects. This is the reason why museums also use LED lighting to illuminate art work and other historic documents. When you install these lights, it takes a little time and you want them to work for longer. In case of bulb lights we all know that a little fluctuation in voltage can fuse the bulbs while these LED lights are able to work on wide voltage range without any problem and last much longer up to 50,000 hours. These lights are 85-99& more efficient. At, these LED rope lights are available with 30-day no questions asked return policy and also come with lifetime warranty.