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IC with embedded touch screen control functionality

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

touch display ic

Samsung Electronics showcased a single chip that integrates a capacitive touch screen control function in a mobile display driver IC (DDI). This single chip Touch Embedded DDI solution supports industry demand for simplified system designs, which will enable the use of slimmer form factors in mobile application designs. Initial targeted applications for the Touch Embedded DDI include mobile phones, portable multimedia players (PMP) and MP3 players.

Compared to resistive touch screen control technology, capacitive touch screen control technology allows more advanced features such as soft-touch and multi-touch functions and provides significant improvement in important performance parameters such as optical transmittance and durability.

Gadget Advisor

Friday, October 24th, 2008


There are gadgets sites where you find lots of gadget reviews, all sounding same as they are mostly filled with text given to them from manufactures etc sometimes the whole review is nothing but press release. This kind of stuff is definitely not worth reading. Try finding reviews for Logitech universal remote and you will see how everyone is singing the same tune. Because I too have to write on gadgets, I trust Gadget Advisor site for knowing more about new gadgets. Not only gadgets, I can find lots of other tech news and computer hardware and software related stuff for example top extensions for Firefox and many other useful information like online backup service which is useful in our daily computing.