HP to launch its four desktop and notebook PCs in Japan

Posted October 9th, 2007 by Hashim
Filed Under: Desktop, Laptops

HP launched its four desktop PCs and four notebook PCs in Japan market.

The desktop PCs include two compact models (s3240ip/CT, s3220jp/CT) and two slim models (v7280jp/CT, v7260jp/CT), and the v7280jp/CT is equipped with next-generation DVD drive supporting both HD DVD and Blu-ray disc. Suggested price is 59,850~77,700 JPY.

The notebook PCs include 12.1-,14.1-,15.4-, and 17-inch models which adopt ZEN-design samon and ZEN-design shizuku. Suggested price is 79,800~155,400 JPY.

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