Hummin 3.03 HTPC

Posted March 10th, 2010 by Hashim
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Hummin HTPC

Hummin 3.03′s is one hot new HTPC in the market launched recently at BERLIN, Germany. Most unique characteristic is in the Finger VU 1016W wireless monitor. FingerView 1016W monitor ables users to control PC with wireless mouse as if one were really using the keyboard and mouse in one’s own living room, through Wireless USB technology based on Ultra Wide Band technology. The new wireless monitor and its functions are appealing in that it solved the 2 problems of the prior HTPC. The first problem was that you had to turn on the TV to choose music when using a media player PC, Dybex progaram, etc, and the second problem was that you had to use a keyboard and mouse to perfectly monitor the PC in the living room.

Soundgraph has been providing remote controls for controlling the PC used in the living room, but you still had to use the keyboard and mouse for web searching or downloading media files, etc.

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