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Posted January 11th, 2008 by Hashim
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LED Rope lights are the best decoration lighting available today not only because they look great but also they are less expensive and consume less electricity than bulb lightings. LED rope lights you will for example pay only 10% of the energy cost of the traditional rope lights and in time the other 90% will become more than the price of the LED rope you purchased. One LED bulb consumes only .072 watts which is much less than any incandescent lights. Now let’s say you want to make a new Christmas decoration for a big commercial enterprise which will gather many people. These LED rope lights can be used to decorate any building, statues, trees and big halls for marriage ceremonies or other functions. LED lighting products have many different advantages over regular lighting. Many people love using LED lighting products because of the flexibility they provide. You can combine LED lights to create any shape or design that you want. You can also create fun special effects with the colorful lighting that LED offers. Whether you want chasing lights or other effects, LED makes it possible. These chasing lights effect look great when used on the edges of the wall at night. These effects can be enhanced by mixing more than one effect and colors of light. Using these mini lights looks great and you can use your creativity and decorate your house and surprise people who come to visit your house in Christmas. LEDs don’t produce UV radiation and they remain cool to the touch. This means that you can place LED rope lights in areas like porches, decks, and other wooden structures without worrying that the heat will cause fires or other damage. You can also use LED lights around sensitive antiques or other items as the light won’t damage the objects. This is the reason why museums also use LED lighting to illuminate art work and other historic documents. When you install these lights, it takes a little time and you want them to work for longer. In case of bulb lights we all know that a little fluctuation in voltage can fuse the bulbs while these LED lights are able to work on wide voltage range without any problem and last much longer up to 50,000 hours. These lights are 85-99& more efficient. At HolidayLEDs.com, these LED rope lights are available with 30-day no questions asked return policy and also come with lifetime warranty.

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