Samsung NC10 Netbook

Posted June 28th, 2009 by Hashim
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nc10 netbook

A very close friend of mine had finally decided to buy a laptop. He used to visit cyber cafes often and spend a lot of money for surfing websites. There he wasted both his time and money because the computers were slow, net speed was low and since the computer was not his own, he cannot save any private data on it. Due to this he always had to carry blank CD’s and pen drives etc borrowed from friends. To put an end to all this, I took him to computer store where his eyes twinkled seeing flashy laptops. Hearing the price he said lets go home back and he’s fine with cyber café’s only. To make him calm down, I first asked the computer dealer to get us a glass of cold water and then I asked him what type of work he does on a computer. He said the usual things like browsing websites, sending emails, listening music, typing something on word processor, sometimes watching movie etc. At this point I asked him a simple question, “Suppose you own two vehicles, one is a V8 engine SUV and other is a nice small hatchback car with all the luxury features and if you have to go to buy an ice cream from market which is very near to your home then which vehicle would you use?” Answer is a no-brainer and its obvious one would take the small hatchback car because its fuel efficient, it’s easy to park and does the job well without any problem. Then I said why would you buy an expensive laptop with fastest processor when you are not going to use it at its full potential ever?

I asked the dealer to show us Samsung Laptop NC10 which is Intel Atom based laptop and it’s priced much lower than other laptops. Intel Atom is a decent processor for mobile computing, it consumes less power and it can do all the daily work a normal laptop user does. The best part about NC 10 is that it gives as much as 10 hours of battery backup while others will just shut down after 2 or 3 hours or usage. Adding to the good battery backup, NC 10 is very portable with its 10.2 inches screen. Though this screen may look small but it can display at quite decent resolution of 1024 x 600-pixel. Hard disk size is 160GB which is enough for most laptop users. I had a documentary movie with me in my pen drive and upon playing I found that sound output is quite impressive, no doubt the built 2.1 channel speakers with SRS are doing their job well here. This is something we don’t find in many premium laptops as well. NC 10 built quality is excellent and you can get the feel of it from its keyboard which is very nice to use and its very typing friendly. Review at cnet says that it has the best keyboard in netbook category. With a price tag of Rs. 28,477 (or USD 499), it may be a bit higher from other Atom based laptops available in market but the quality it offers justifies its slightly higher price. If you have used this laptop or happen to own one, then please do share your experience or just anything you want to comment about this laptop.

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