3D Display Technology from LG

Posted April 10th, 2010 by Hashim
Filed Under: LCD Monitors

3D display

LG Electronics has developed techonology of the next generation’s 3D display area: 3D OLED TV and 3D PDP multi vision.

The 31 inch OLED TV is the thinnest OLED TV in the world, only 0.29 cm thck, where the merit of OLED of not needing a separate light source is optimized, for it emits light all by itself. 3D PDP multi vision able to incarnate infinite 3D cubic images away from the limits of screen size is also introduced. This product incarnates a big sized 3D screen in the way of connecting various 60 inch 3D PDP freely, both vertically and horizontally.

By connecting 9 3D PDP, you can acquire a 180 inch multi vision, and by connecting 16, you can acquire a 240 inch 3D PDP multi vision. There are no limits in the number of 3D PDPs that you can connect.

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