LED rope lights

Posted January 9th, 2008 by Hashim
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Decoration is incomplete without lighting. Earlier lighting work was done by the use of colorful light bulbs. These looked ok but there were many problems associated with these electrical bulbs. First of all they consumed a lot of electricity which not good and increased the cost of usage of these lights. As you know that LED’s consume much less power than these bulbs and have more life. Electric bulbs have no definite life and can stop working anytime. LED Rope Light solves the entire problem as it uses LED’s which are not only more power efficient but also much more reliable and look great. LED rope light will only consume one watt per foot which is much less than any bulb lighting.

These LED Rope Light are available in many colors like red, white, pure white which looks amazing and also in blue, green and yellow. These work great for decorating sculptures, building outlines, step lighting, handrails, displays, window and architectural highlighting. One can also use these to decorate decks, patios, gazebos, boats, RVs, and just anything which needs some glitter. Connectors and clips are included so there is no problem in using these lights. These lights are available in a minimum length of 6 ft and as long as up to 300 ft. If you need lights smaller than 6 ft then it can be cut according to the needed size.

When installing these lights, you will require bending them at several places like on the corners and you will see that these LED lights are very flexible making its installation an easy job. LED Rope Light is also dimmable so if you need to lower the light intensity then it’s very much possible. The ability of dimming makes these lights fit for programmed switching of lights which are often used with these light ropes to make them look more attractive.

Speaking about the technical data, the LED spacing between two consecutive LED’s is one inch and it is encased in a flexible and durable clear plastic. These lights are made to work on 120V but can comfortably work between 110 to 120V. Life of the LED used in this light rope is about 50,000 hours which is about two thousand and eighty three days if used continuously 24/7. After looking at these wonderful LED rope lights, there is no single reason left to use anything else. You can order these LED rope lights online from holidayleds.com where these are available at very reasonable rates.

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