5.2MP camera phone from Casio

Posted November 11th, 2008 by Hashim
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Casio is going to launch a 5.2M camera phone ‘model 830CA’ featuring face detection and auto focus functions, which will be available in Japan market in the end of November via SoftBank.

This phone will come with a healthy 3-inch display with 240×427 resolution, the 830CA will support HSDPA, 1-Seg and global roaming service. Color choice with these phones will be white, black, orange and gray, it measures 50×106.1x15mm at 111g.

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Stylish desktop from TG Sambo

Posted October 31st, 2008 by Hashim
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Looking at this desktop (named nettop ) at first sight it looks like Mac computer painted black. However in reality it’s a normal desktop PC from TG Sambo running Windows XP Home Edition but I must say it looks very compact and sophisticated in design. Technically speaking TG Sambo has just transformed an Atom based laptop into desktop. Its Powered by Intel Atom N270 (1.60GHz) processor, supports 1GB of RAM, 160GB HDD, DVD Super Multi drive and have Intel 945GSE Express chipset.

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Nokia N85 launch in UK

Posted October 30th, 2008 by Hashim
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There are phones which are dedicated music phone, or champ in taking pictures like the Samsung Pixon M8800 while phones like N-gage were good for gaming. With so many new launches in mobile phones market from others, long aviated N85 can now be purchased as Nokia N85 launching in the UK is confirmed and it is going to be priced around 665 USD which seems quite a lot for a phone but hope as always prices will drop within few weeks after launch. Talking about the looks of this phone, N85 feels good to hold and from the first look, it gives very clean and lean impression which as soon as you slide open the multimedia keys and begin playing games on it, you will say that ‘yes now it looks more like other Nokia’s otherwise in closed position with display off, anyone can mistaken it for HTC touch or even some new creation from Apple.

Camera is almost a standard now and N85 has a gem of a camera. The 5 MP Carl Zeiss leans coupled with dual Led flash provides excellent photo capability to the phone and in everyday use, the camera will never disappoint except in those very low light places (almost dark). Video recording is great and videos recorded by this phone are not at all pixilated with jerky playback, thanks to the 30 frames per second recording.

The interesting thing to know is that the 2.6 inch LCD screen of this phone is made from OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology is offers good color saturation and brightness. Not only display, built quality of the whole phone is good, a healthy 70 mb of internal memory is provided to the phone and external memory card slot supports up to 8 GB of memory card. So in terms of memory at least, this phone can be said as future proof.

People who use their phone more for music, than talking to someone will love that 3.5 mm headphone jack because now they can easily use any headphone and also plug this phone to any aux source for example their car music system and enjoy music in car which is played from their phone. For wireless connectivity, Bluetooth is there and with A2DP technology, we can expect some non stop music over Bluetooth wireless headphone.

Overall, this phone is a good buy for people who want more from their mobile phone.

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Entry level notebook pc from Acer

Posted October 30th, 2008 by Hashim
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acer laptop

Acer is going to launch its eMachines-branded entry level notebook pc ‘E520′ in Japan market on October 31.

Adopting a 15.4-inch wide LCD monitor with 1,280×800 resolution, the E520 is equipped with Intel Celeron 575 (2Ghz) CPU, 1GB of RAM and 160GB HDD. Running on Windows Vista Home Premium OS, it adopts DVD Super-Multi drive and Intel GL40 Express. Measuring 364.6×273.6×27~38.4mm at 2.8kg, it offers around 3 hours of battery life. Suggested price is 640 USD.

In my opinion, Acer should have excluded Vista to lower price even more and also not many computer users are keen on using Vista.

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Portable 500GB hard drive

Posted October 28th, 2008 by Hashim
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500gb portable drive

Transcend announced the launch of its 2.5-inch portable hard drive ‘StoreJet 25C’ with 500GB capacity, which supports USB 2.0 interface and plug and play. This drive will easily fit inside your pocket and guess what, it won’t need any adapter for power as it can do with the little power it will get from USB cable that you connect to it for data transfer! Sweet. Carry two of these and you have 1TB (well not actually but nearer to it) data holding capacity with you anywhere.

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