Ergonomic Mice by Goldtouch

Posted November 30th, 2013 by Hashim
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ergo-mouseWorking for hours on computer gives a good toll to some of your body parts. Most people will think about eyes but they forget that they are also using their hand continuously to operate mouse and fingers to scroll and click. To look into how much manual work your finger does alone, let’s take a case of computer professional who work on his computer using some software which requires mouse clicks. The micro switch that is in the mouse has a life cycle of 10 Million which means after 10 million clicks, the switch may fail. This should give you an idea that how many clicks he does every day as the mouse don’t last for the life time of the computer but it’s one of the part which is changed often.

To make life easier and increase productivity, use of ergonomic mice is suggested. These are specially designed to provide better grip and more comfortable holding position. With ergo mouse you can greatly reduce the strain on your hand and fingers that are caused by use of ordinary mouse. After long working sessions on PC, if your wrist feel strained and you find it painful, it’s a general sign of the ill effect of mouse. Once you switch to the ergo mouse, you will never use ordinary mouse again. It might take few days to adjust but once you get used to it, it will be the only mouse you want to use. Questions may arise that then why not every mouse is built like this? Answer to which is manufacturing cost. It takes lots of research and development to continuously refine the design and manufacture these ergonomic mouse and hence they also sell for slightly higher price than ordinary mouse.

There are different type of computer users with different pattern of mouse usage, therefore Ergo mouse are available in different designs making sure that every type of computer user gets the best of it. Also there are wired and wireless models which work on both Mac and PC. Just like most other mice, these too are plug and play type and require no driver installation.

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