Fancy Earphones from JVC

Posted November 12th, 2007 by Hashim
Filed Under: Peripherals


JVC announced some spiffy in-ear headphones today, rolling out the high-end HA-FX300 earphones that promise to rock your skull with some high-tech metal component. These bring some slightly exotic materials to your ears, starting with aluminum housing and topping it off with an aluminum evaporation diaphragm inside. There’s also what JVC calls a “bi-metal structure,” with a stainless steel base that’s wrapped with that proverbial brass ring. That’s supposed to keep things from shaking too much. That’s a whole lot of metal going on. It’s hard to say how these handsome phones sound, but we’ve tried a pair of JVC lower-end earphones and find them not only decent-sounding, but unusually comfortable to wear for long periods, too. These JVC HA-FX300 phones are available now for $99.95

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