Watch More Than One Program Simultaneously on Your PC

Posted December 5th, 2007 by Hashim
Filed Under: Peripherals

logitech tv

Plug the Logitec LDT-1S30X4U into the USB port of your PC and you will be able to watch two TV shows at the same time. Connect a second one, thanks to its double USB, and you get to watch four shows. All sorts of features make the LDT-1S30X4U worth a closer look, however.

With recording of programs, you can use the TimeShift function which lets you watch the same show that you are recording, data broadcast and export videos to mobile devices. All you need for it to work is a 3GHz P4 system or higher, says Logitec, and 256 MB of memory. Costing 16,800¥ ($153) the Logitec LDT-1S30X4U will be out in Japan next month.

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